How To Contact Us

How to Reach Support

If you have a question or an issue on Blockchain Exchange, we encourage you to read our FAQs.  If you’re unable to find an answer to your question or solution to your issue on the Blockchain Exchange Support Center, you can reach out to the Exchange Support team using our live chat service. Our Agents are available around the clock by providing 24/7 Coverage for our users, alternatively you can submit a ticket to our support team HERE.  Please note that we do not offer support via phone at this time.

Tips on Submitting a Ticket

Here are a few “best practices” to consider when submitting a new support ticket.   Following best practices can often help to reduce the amount of time you spend waiting for a resolution.

Read through our FAQs

We try to keep our FAQ content thorough, up-to-date, and well organized in order to minimize the time you have to spend searching for answers. If there is something you find to not be sufficiently described or represented, feel free to bring that to our attention by submitting a support ticket.

Document the Details

Make sure you include all potentially relevant information in your first ticket so we can decrease our back-and-forth. Depending on the issue, helpful information to send us can include:

- Order Number (found on the history page)
- Any addresses and memos (if applicable) involved in a deposit or withdrawal
- Time of the transaction and price paid.
- Screenshots of any error or inconsistency you’re seeing

A brief description of what you thought should have happened and what actually happened.

Send Screenshots in the proper format

JPG and PNG are the only types of files we are permitted to open.

Follow us on social media

We update our social media with relevant news, outages, and known issues our users are experiencing. To stay up to date, follow us here:


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