Why has my I.D. submission for Gold Level verification been rejected?

We are sorry to hear that your submission has been rejected. To help you figure out why we’ll go over the most common reasons this can happen.

Verifying your identity helps prevent fraud and ensures that no one, except you, can use your payment information. If the documents you provided are not valid or don’t match the other personal identification information, your submission will be rejected. Please also note that you can only have one Gold Level verified account and if you are trying to create a second account, your request for Gold Level verification will be rejected.

In most cases, prior to being rejected, we’ll reach out to make sure we’ve got all the proper information from you.

We may contact you because:

  1. There is a problem with the ID you’ve submitted.
  2. The information on the ID doesn’t match the personal information provided.
  3. There is a problem with your selfie.
  4. The selfie you have submitted does not match the photo on your ID.

If we’re unable to resolve the conflicting information, we will have to reject your submission. If rejected, you’ll be unable to repeat the ID verification process.

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