Why was my exchange order cancelled?

There are a few reasons that could cause your order to be cancelled. Most commonly, all or part of your order might be cancelled based on the conditions you specified when you entered your order.

Some examples include:

  • If your order is ‘Immediate or Cancel,’ after the order matches against the book, any remaining shares will be cancelled back. Similarly, if you place a ‘Fill or Kill’ order, you are instructing the exchange to either execute the entire order or cancel it back to you if all size cannot trade.
  • The duration of your order could also result in a cancel if it has not filled by expiration date specified (i.e. GTC and GTD orders).
  • If you specify Post only, on your order and it matches with another order on entry, your order will be cancelled.
  • Finally, if a symbol enters a halted trading state, any market orders or Post only orders will automatically be cancelled.

If you have any questions regarding your cancelled order please contact Support here.

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