What is the status of my crypto withdrawal?

If you have not received a cryptocurrency withdrawal that was initiated from Blockchain Exchange, this is most likely due to the transaction not having the appropriate amount of confirmations by the network and means the transaction is still unconfirmed.

An unconfirmed transaction will eventually either be accepted into a block by a mining pool and confirmed or it will be rejected by the network (if it was not rebroadcasted). If it is eventually rejected, don't worry. The funds will remain on your account. At this point, we can only recommend that you wait to see if your transaction is confirmed. 

To view the current status of your withdrawal, please navigate to Username > History > Withdrawals. Here you will see a Complete, Rejected, or Pending status. 

We do everything we can to lessen the number of pending transactions. If you are withdrawing funds from Blockchain Exchange, your transaction will automatically include an appropriately sized fee to get your withdrawal confirmed and your funds available.

Note: If you would like to check on the status of your crypto withdrawal while not logged onto your trading account, you can search the withdrawal address you used on our Block Explorer here

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