What is the status of my crypto deposit?

If your cryptocurrency deposit to Blockchain Exchange is not yet complete, this is most likely due to the transaction not having received the appropriate amount of confirmations by the network and means the transaction is still unconfirmed.

An unconfirmed transaction will eventually either be accepted into a block by a mining pool and confirmed or it will be rejected by the network (if it was not rebroadcasted). If it is eventually rejected, don't worry - the funds will remain on the account they were sent from. At this point, since Blockchain Exchange has no control over the speed of the confirmation, we can only recommend that you wait to see if your transaction is confirmed. 

To view the current status of your deposit, please navigate to Username > History > Deposits. Here you will see a Complete, Rejected, or Pending status.

Please note: We do everything we can to lessen the number of pending transactions. For this reason, the Blockchain Wallet uses dynamic fees. If you are depositing funds from your Blockchain Wallet, you can select between a regular fee which is appropriately sized to get your deposit confirmed, and priority if you would like your delivery to be expedited. 

Note: If you would like to check on the status of your crypto deposit while not logged onto your trading account, you may search the address the funds were sent from on our Block Explorer here.

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