What is the status of my order?

If you want to know the status of your order, please check the My Orders section of your account.  My Orders contains the status of all orders that you placed in your trading session. It will also display any Good Till Cancelled or Good Till Dated orders that are still live in your trading session. A trading session ends when you log out of Blockchain Exchange. In My Orders, you can view the specifics of each order along with the corresponding status. If your order is still open and you want to cancel it, simply click on the trash can icon. If you have several open orders and you’d like to cancel all of them, you can click the “Cancel Open Orders” button at the top of the window.

Order Status

  • Open - Order is open and but not yet matched.
  • Partial Fill - Part of the order has matched but there is still a portion waiting to be filled.
  • Filled - Order has been executed in its entirety.
  • Cancelled - Order has been cancelled.
  • Rejected - Matching engine was unable to accept the order and it was rejected before going live.
  • Pending (Stop) - A stop order that has not yet been triggered.
  • Expired - The time in force for the order has been surpassed.


  • SIDE - Shows whether your order was a BUY or SELL.
  • PAIR - Shows the cryptocurrency pair you are trading.
  • AMOUNT - The total quantity of shares in your order.
  • REMAINING - In some situations, your order may not fill entirely when the market hits your specified price. In that case, you will have a ‘partial fill’. Remaining will display how many shares are still waiting to be filled.
  • TYPE - Displays whether your order is a market order or a limit order. 
  • PRICE - This field will be blank if your order is open, cancelled or rejected. If your order gets filled, the fill price will be displayed. If you have had multiple partial fills at different prices, the FILL PRICE will show your average fill price across all executions.
  • STATUS - Displays the status of your order. 
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