How can I transfer funds between my wallet and Blockchain Exchange?

When you connect your Blockchain Wallet to Blockchain Exchange, we automatically share cryptocurrency addresses between the two products to enable seamless transfer of funds. You no longer need to copy and paste addresses or fumble around to scan QR codes. 

To initiate a transfer from your Wallet to Blockchain Exchange: 

  1. Login to your Wallet
  2. Go to the Send screen for the currency you wish to send. 
  3. Select “Blockchain Exchange” in the To address field. This will automatically generate your Blockchain Exchange address for this transaction.
  4. Enter the amount and hit Send.  

To initiate a transfer from Blockchain Exchange to your Wallet: 

  1. Login to Blockchain Exchange
  2. Open the Balances sidebar on the right. 
  3. Select “Withdraw” and choose the appropriate currency. 
  4. Select “My Blockchain Wallet” in the Destination Address field. This will pre-fill the address we received from your Wallet when you linked to Blockchain Exchange.
  5. Enter the amount and hit Send.  

Note that if you wish to use a new Wallet address for transferring from Blockchain Exchange (e.g. for privacy reasons), you can always manually copy and paste a fresh address from the Wallet into the destination address field.

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