How can I upgrade to Platinum Level?

Platinum level enables our users to benefit from higher withdrawal limits. If you find the account limits for Gold to be insufficient for your withdrawal needs, you can apply for Platinum level. Please make sure that your account is (1) successfully verified for Gold level and (2) that you have a current balance of at least 50,000 USD or it's equivalent in another supported currency before applying for Platinum.

In order to verify your account for Platinum level, we require a little more information about you and will also require some additional documentation to meet compliance requirements:


  • Please provide us with information about your current occupation (employer, title etc.).

Social Security Number (US-only)

  • If you are a US resident, please provide your SSN number.

Source of funds

Please inform us of the source of funds used to fund your Blockchain Exchange trading account. 

  • Salary
  • Previous Crypto Investments
  • Inheritance
  • Income from Investments
  • Sale of Property
  • Other

Purpose of Account

Please select how you intend to use your Blockchain Exchange trading account

  • Arbitrage
  • Trading
  • Long-term investing
  • Exchanging mining proceeds
  • Gambling-related activities
  • Proprietary trading
  • Exchanging ICO proceeds
  • Trading/investing on behalf of clients
  • Other

Estimated Deposit volumes (Equivalent in USD)

  • Please provide an estimate of the amount you are planning to deposit per year (USD equivalent)
    • USD 0 - 100,000
    • USD 100,000 -250,000
    • USD 250,000 - 500,000
    • USD 500,000 - USD 1,000,000
    • USD 1,000,000 +

Proof of Address

To meet our compliance requirements we need to ensure we have your correct home address.  To help us verify this please supply one of the following documents:

  • Bank statement issued within the last three months
  • Utility bill (gas, electric, water, landline phone) issued within the last three months
  • Council tax bill for the current council tax year
  • Driving license with an address on it(must be separate document to that used for proof of identity)
  • EEA Member State Identity Card showing full address (must be separate document to that used for proof of identity)
  • Solicitor's letter confirming recent house purchase

Please click here to request the upgrade to Platinum and upload the above-mentioned documents and we will make sure to review your documentation as soon as possible.

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