Placing your first order

If you are new to the Blockchain Exchange trading platform, you can place your very first order by following the steps below. 

  1. Sign-up at
  2. If you would like to deposit cryptocurrencies to begin trading, you will only need Silver verification to begin. However, if you plan to deposit USD or Euros, you will need to be Gold level verified by submitting some personal information at Home > Profile > Limits. 
  3. After you have been verified, you will need to make your first deposit. From your home dashboard click on Deposit Now and select the type of cryptocurrency or fiat currency you wish to deposit and follow the instructions on the page. 
  4. Now you are ready to begin trading:

    • On the top of the homepage you will see a “+” sign which will allow you to select the type of trading pair, such as BTC-USD. 
    • Choose whether you would like to make a “Buy” order or a “Sell” order. A buy order for BTC-USD would mean you are buying BTC with your USD balance. A sell order for BTC-USD would mean you are selling your BTC balance and receiving USD. 
    • Select your order type (learn more about order types here) 
    • After clicking “Place Order”, you have officially placed your very first trade!


BONUS: A market order is executed instantly at the best price being offered by the market. This will be the easiest order to place for beginners because market orders are not time or price sensitive - they will be priced right away and you will receive your funds to your account balance instantly. 

A limit order is placing a buy or sell order that will only be executed at a specific price. For instance, a buy limit order will only be executed at a certain price or better. A sell limit order can only be executed at a certain price or higher.

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