How can I deposit GBP ?

Please note that only UK residents are eligible to deposit GBP in their accounts. 

  1. Sign-up for an (or login to an existing) account via
  2. Complete Gold account verification.
  3. Click Balances > Deposit > GBP. Your unique account details will be shown here.
  4. Head to your GBP bank account, and enter the following details from Blockchain Exchange (See image below for further instructions):
    • Recipient 
    • Account Number
    • Sort Code
  5. Execute a FPS** transfer for the amount you would like to deposit.
  6. Please wait 1 to 2 business days* for the funds to reach your trading account. If you have not received the funds after 4 business days, please reach out to Support here

* Transfers sent through the UK's Faster Payments Service (FPS) usually arrive within 1 hour, however this is not guaranteed.

**Please note: CHAPS or SWIFT GBP payments are not accepted. 


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