How can I deposit TRY (Turkish Lira)?

Please note that only Turkish residents are eligible to deposit TRY into their Exchange accounts.

    1. Sign-up for an (or log in to an existing) account via
    2. Complete Gold account verification
    3. Click Balances > Deposit > Turkish Lira (TRY). Your unique account details will be shown here. If you have not made a deposit before, the Balances button will appear as ‘Deposit Now.
    4. Head to your personal TRY bank account, and enter the following details from step 3 (see image below for further instructions):
      • Bank Name : 
      • Account Number/IBAN : 
      • BIC Code : 
      • Recipient Name : BLOCKCHAIN ACCESS UK LTD
      • Recipient Country: UK
      • Reference ID : *Reference ID shown on your Exchange account
    5. Execute an EFT transfer for the amount you would like to deposit to your Exchange Account. (See image below for further instructions).

Please note: The name on your Blockchain Exchange account must be an exact match with your bank account in order to have a successful transfer. In addition, it’s extremely important that you include your unique Blockchain Exchange Reference ID with your Deposit. Not including this could cause your Deposit to be rejected or delayed. 

Limits & Fees: See our fee table here for more information. 

Processing times: Deposits made within Banking hours (Turkey) will typically be processed and received within 30 minutes. Any deposits initiated outside of these hours will be credited to your Exchange account on the following business day.

If your deposit does not appear in your account within 1 business day, please reach out to the Exchange Support Team here.


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